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Trabajos de pavimentación en Palma

Explorando Nuestra Trayectoria en Pavimentación


At Hormi Stamp Nou, we have left a lasting mark on Palma through our dedication to perfection in every paving project. Our experience covers a wide range of services that transform spaces and meet the highest expectations. Discover how our passion for paving is reflected in each work carried out.


One of our featured specialties is stamped concrete, an option that combines durability with a unique aesthetic touch. Our previous work in Palma has transformed patios, entrances and outdoor areas, leaving a lasting impression on the aesthetics of the place.


At Hormi Stamp Nou, we have perfected the troweled concrete technique to create uniform and resistant surfaces. Our experience is evident in commercial and residential projects in Palma, where functionality is combined with aesthetics impeccably.


Explore our portfolio of vitrified concrete projects and discover how we have raised the standard of paving in Palma. This service not only provides a durable surface, but also adds a distinctive shine that resists the elements.


With our focus on quality, deactivated concrete has become a popular choice for those seeking natural, long-lasting textures. Our experience in Palma has resulted in surprising projects that harmoniously integrate this technique.

Our Experience, Your Guarantee

With every project we undertake, we strive to exceed expectations and set new standards in paving. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to ensuring every detail is handled with precision, from planning to execution.